Our Volunteers are the Heart of the QIA. All members have voting rights and may serve on the Board of Directors or just be helpers! At the Q, we are so lucky to have so many members from all over North America. It seems like we have members from just about every state in the union (except Hawaii) and just about every Province in Canada.  Make new friends at the QIA.

It's always fun to listen to the various dialects as people are talking and try to figure out where they are from in their "real" life! Most of us are just some type of a "snowbird" that comes to Quartzsite during the winter months to stay warm! Hearing some of the temperatures up north, I certainly can't blame them - Burrr!

We have so many events coming up this year that we could really use some "new" volunteers to help us out! The POWWOW takes at least 200 to 300 volunteers to keep it running smoothly - kitchen help, servers, security, parking attendants, etc!

Please stop in the QIA Office any weekday from 9am to Noon to let us know that you are willing to volunteer and help us out this year! It's always rewarding to everyone to watch some of these massive events just come together!

2016 ~ 50th Anniversary Chairwoman ~ Sandy King

Board of Directors

Our Board Members are all volunteers and come to Quartzsite faithfully every year to help out. The Board is tasked with keeping the Quartzsite Improvement Association financial solvent. To that end, the Q will hold various events during the year to raise money to then give back to the community!

Members and Volunteers

Arlea Long of the QIA

Our Volunteers are the life blood of the Q. Without all these dedicated members and, the Board would not be able to function.

The year started out with a new "Facelift" to the inside of the building. A very dedicated group got together and started cleaning, organizing, painting and repairing many areas within the building. An incredible task and feat was accomplished!

Once the general membership started showing up, various committees and events started taking place. We had to get a new website (the old one had us "locked out"), Sandy Andreasen - the Special Events Coordinator - started booking all the various concerts and classes for the season, Sandy King took over the monumental task of organizing and running the POWWOW Show and the list goes on and on.

This year, the Board made the decision to honor an incredible volunteer that does so much for the Q. So many things just seem to happen around here because of Arlea L! Here she is on the right, getting honored at the POWWOW Thank You Meeting!

Our incredible chef, John, came up with the idea of creating some kind of an "Official Guinness Record" event later in the season to help make visitors want to stay in Quartzsite a little longer. From that one idea, we are now having "The Grand Gathering" - an entire weekend of awesome activities -  here at the Q in early March.

The Guinness Record attempt will be for creating the largest human letter "Q". This is the kind of spirit that has kept the QIA going since 1967!! That one idea from John is the type of people we have helping the Q stay so popular all these years!

The biggest single event every year is our POWWOW Show in January. Sandy (K) and Gwen came together and pulled off a really great Show. We had vendors from all over the world showing their "goodies" and over TWO HUNDRED - Yup that's 200!! - members help with feeding, security and cleaning up for the POWWOW!

It was amazing to watch people who had never worked in a "commercial kitchen" before, come in, get their assignments and do their job - many times for a double shift, hours at a time and 5 straight days! Our group of very talented members were saluted by all the Vendors at the February QIA Member Meeting.

Thanks Volunteers for a GREAT 2014 POWWOW SHOW!

Kathy & John getting ready to vote
Howard chatting with Lifetime Members - Robert & JoAnn
Charlene, Howard & Bob leading the Member Meeting
Members Present for the Meeting
Sandy K reporting on the great POWWOW Show
Sandy A reporting on the Special Events to the Board and Membership
Pat S reporting on the Bingo Events to the Board and Membership
Richard & Dick presenting a $1,000 check to the Board for the Gold Show.
Richard & Dick explaining all the events to the Board for the Gold Show.
VP Bob, presenting the special QIA plaque honoring Arlea for all her dedication and hard work!
Arlea accepting the plaque from VP of the QIA Board, Bob L.
Iola and Dick getting ready to hand out the Vendor Gifts to the Volunteers
Various Volunteers coming up or awaiting their Gift from the Vendors!
Various Volunteers coming up or awaiting their Gift from the Vendors!
Various Volunteers coming up or awaiting their Gift from the Vendors!
Howard & John getting ready to serve the volunteers
Our wonderful Volunteers serving other volunteers at the Powwow Thank You Meeting!

The above pictures are of all the wonderful volunteers that helped make the POWWOW Show such a tremendous success! The pictures below are of some of the people that ran the concession stand to help feed all the Vendors and Buyers during the Show.

QIA Concession Stand ready for opening day of the Powwow!
Concession Stand ready for opening day of the Powwow!
Volunteers working inside the concession prep area.
Volunteers working inside the concession prep area.
Hungry Vendors and Buyers lined up to get some food.
Hungry Vendors and Buyers enjoying their great meals from the Concession Stand
Hungry Vendors and Buyers lined up to get some food.
Buyers enjoying a great meal cooked inside the QIA cafeteria - all by volunteers!
Ernestine - Head of QIA Door GreetersErnestine - Head of QIA Door Greeters
Allene - Sound Board Long Time QIA MemberAllene - Sound Person & Long Time QIA Member

Be sure to also visit the About Us page itself to see the Chairwoman - Sandy K!