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QIAArizona is the new Website for the Quartzsite Improvement Assoc headquarters in Arizona for the POWWOW Rock & Gem Show and great community events throughout the winter "season".

We are a non profit, community based, all volunteer group of people wanting to help the Quartzsite area and all the wonderful visitors we get here every year. We host a variety of events in our large building. These can be anywhere from dances to BINGO to exercise classes and everything in-between!

Several local clubs and organizations also utilize our facility for meetings and gatherings.

QIA getting ready for their 48th Powwow
QIA Powwow Highway Sign

We are officially open from November to April. Our biggest event is the annual POWWOW (Rock and Gem Show) held every year in January since 1967.

This website and domain name - QIAArizona - are brand new so we can update our information to the public very quickly and keep everyone posted about the wonderful events and gatherings we have here at the QIAArizona website.

To help defray our operating expenses, our Membership fee is only $5 per person or $10 for a family, for the entire Winter Season.

The Quartzsite area is famous for huge flea markets, RV Shows and gatherings. We have people from all over the United States and Canada that will winter here in one of our great RV Parks or on the vast areas of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) desert areas. The BLM offers 2 great ways to "Boondock" in the Quartzsite area - either a 14 day "free" pass on that designated land or for a small fee, they offer a Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA) just south of our facility.

As our new website - QIAArizona - grows, watch for new information, pictures and dates of great events - all for your pleasure and enjoyment. Even our admission prices for dances, classes, etc are very economical - we are all about helping the visitors stay and enjoy the Quartzsite area.

James Fecho - 43 year POWWOW Vendor!
Inside POWWOW Show
Beautiful piece at POWWOW Booth
Lyons Slab Polisher on display at POWWOW
Calendar | Schedule | Events | Trade Shows | Dances | Concerts
Our Calendar is a complete schedule of events, trade shows, dances, classes and of course our Big POWWOW in January
Activities | Bingo | Membership | Craft Fair | Dances | Classes | Meetings
Our Activities at the QIA cover all aspects - Bingo, Dances, Shows, Craft Fair, Meetings, Membership and just good old fashion fun for its members.
Benefits | Fund Raisers | Scholarship Drives | Dinners
The Benefits held at the QIA are always for a great cause - fund raisers, scholarship drives and dinners.
Classes | Instruction | Information | Learning | Technology
Our Classes cover all aspects of living - instruction, information, technology and learning lots of neat things.
Craft Fair | Jewelry | Hand made items | Rocks | Novelties
The Craft Fair is held every 1st Saturday of the month and features beautiful jewelry, hand made items, rocks, novelties and everything in-between!
Dances | Saturday Nights | Melody Masters | Barefoot & Boots
Dances are held on Saturday Nights and feature the Melody Masters, Barefoot & Boots, On the Road Again and a few others - also during the week.
Gold Show | Prospecting | Panning | Detectors | La Paz Co Search & Rescue
The Gold Show held at the QIA displays prospecting, panning, detectors and the La Paz Search & Rescue Team
Pancake Supper | Breakfast for Dinner | Chef's Choice Entrees | Wednesdays
Our Pancake Supper is a great social event. We hold them typically on Wednesdays with a Breakfast for Dinner as well as Chef's Choice Entrees
Shows Concerts | Bands | Performances | New Christy Minstrels | Duke Michaels
Our Shows Concerts will include great bands and performances. We even have The New Christy Minstrels and Duke Michaels coming, to name a few!
Blackwood Brothers | Gospel Singers | Quartet
The Blackwood Brothers came to the QIA on Sunday Feb 23. They are a very talented quartet of Gospel Singers!
New Christy Minstrels | Randy Sparks | Becky Jo Benson | Concert
The New Christy Minstrels put on 2 fantastic concerts under the direction of founder Randy Sparks.
Grand Gathering | March 6-9 | Grand Parents | Guiness Records | PNQ
The Grand Gathering is a tribute to all grand parents on March 6-9 when we try to establish a Guinness Record with the help of PNQ and the QIA
POWWOW Show | Rock and Gem Show | Minerals | Free Admin | Parking
Our POWWOW Show is an annual Rock and Gem Show with Minerals as well. We have free admission, free parking and great meals available to all.
Advertisers | Business Support | Community | Vendors | Sponsors
Our Advertisers & Sponsors provide business support to our community. Our Vendors for the different QIA Shows and POWWOW help a great deal.
History | Archives | Origin | Mary Allen
Our History goes back to 1965. Mary Allen took the time to write a great journal of the QIA origin
About Us | Volunteers | Committees | Board of Directors
About Us covers everything about our volunteers, committees, Board of Directors and everyone who helps us out.
Volunteers | Members | Board of Directors | Helpers
Our Volunteers are the Heart of the QIA. All members have voting rights and may serve on the Board of Directors or just be helpers!
Facelift | Painting | New Floors | Volunteers | Update | Improvements
The Facelift at QIA is amazing. A great team of volunteers did painting, new floors, updated areas and the improvements are spectacular!
Contact Us | Email | Telephone, Map | Directions
Our Contact Us page is designed to help you find us by either email, telephone, map or actual directions to our QIA
Privacy Policy | Visitor Rights | Cookies
Our Privacy Policy is designed to clearly state how we utilize our website, cookies and any information you may give us.
Sitemap | Guide | List of Info
Our Sitemap is designed to help you find any page, even if it isn't listed within the Navigation Bar.