How to become a Vendor at Next Year's Show

 Welcome Potential New Vendor, 

Please email us for the vendor files and current map layout. Once you have them please look them over and fill out the Pow Wow application and return to the following email address:

Products sold during the show must have at least 75% rock, gem, and stone related items. Most of our inside spaces have already been taken. Our outside locations are 14ft x 26ft. So, if you are trying to camp in your spot consider two or more spots together or there are dry camping locations near the show. 

Two other files that are attached are related to AZ TPT license and the Town of Quartzsite’s selling permit. Please make sure you have these submitted.  You must have an AZ TPT number before your application will be processed.

The local selling Quartzsite Town permit can be applied for at the show office two days before the show begins.

Once we receive your vendor application. We will review it and call you back for what spots fit your needs. To reserve a specific space, we must have your Pow Wow vendor application in hand.

Next Years Show dates are as follows:

January 19-23 of 2022.

New Vendor Info Request

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