Classes at the QIA

Many of are classes cover all aspects of living.

Some of the classes are free while others charge a small fee. No matter what the class is, you will find it is well worth your time to attend.

Be sure to look at our Calendar page to find out when a particular class is.

For more information visit our QIA Facebook Page

Classes are Subject To Change or Cancellation without Notice

  • Excercise Class -   Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 8:30am. Except for major holidays and shows at the QIA. 
  • Meet in the Dance Hall
  • There is a small charge for this class. 
  • It is an informal gathering of people that just want to exercise and keep their body limber and flexible. As in any exercise class, you get out of it what you put into it.  
  • Line Dancing - Monday - Thursdays at 10am except 1st Wednesday of Month when the class is held at noon.
  • Meet in the Main Hall
  • The class is $5 per person. 
  • This is another great class and an indirect way to exercise and stay in shape.  
  • Square DancMonday & Friday's at 1pm.
  • Meet in the Main Hall.
  • The class is $5 per person. 
  • Join the fun and exercise too.  
  • Wood CarvingWednesday at 1pm.
  • Meet in the northeast corner of the building.
  • No fees collected

Please check out the online calendar for exact dates and times of the daily classes

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