Our History goes back to 1965. Mary Allen took the time to write a great journal of the QIA origin. She completed this 88 page booklet in 1981.

It has always been on the property, but over the years wasn't readily avialable to the members. Finally, with the advent of digital media and files, we are publishing her copyrighted book.

We broke the book down into 5 Chapters of PDF files. This will make it easier to download smaller files to your computer.

Some History Facts

  • Original Forming Committee Group Meeting with 44 people - March 23, 1965
  • QIA Incorporated April 27, 1965
  • #1 POWWOW was February 9 thru 13, 1967 - held in the old school building on 1 acre of ground. Records unclear but perhaps 20 Vendors (called "tailgaters" then) with 1,000 estimated in attendance?
  • Mr S.B.Sigurdson donated 4 acres and offered to finance a "hall".
  • December 1, 1966 plans were seen. Shell was completed November 8, 1968 and turned over to the QIA.
  • January 11, 1968 building was completed and called the Civic Center.
  • #2 POWWOW was held on the 4 acres from Feb 1 thru 5, 1968. Outside were 42 spaces sold for "tailgaters" with the inside building housing 300 exhibits by 242 exhibitors!
  • FIRE - Building burned to the ground - October 8, 1969
  • POWWOW was held in a make-shift building - extremely successful - served 3,000 pounds of beef!! Huge crowds
  • Over 200,000 estimated attendance to the 8th POWWOW in 1974.
  • Tailgater vendors were reserving their spots a year ahead - the POWWOW Show as a SUCCESS!
  • #8 POWWOW - February 7 thru 11, 1974 - had an estimated 500,000 in attendance for the 5 day show!!!! The BLM set aside 40 acres for open camping.
  • Sig Sigurdson donated another 5 Acres to the QIA plus loaned them an additional 4 acres for day parking.

Those are just the highlights! Reading the actual history is an incredible walk back in time!

The Downloadable PDF files are listed below. Each Chapter is about 15-20 pages. Be patient - while downloading!

Here's a link for the FREE Adobe Reader if you don't have it

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QIA History - Chapter One

QIA History - Chapter Two

QIA History - Chapter Three

QIA History - Chapter Four

QIA History - Chapter Five

These files only cover through 1980. If anyone has current information, we'd love to add it to our downloads.

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