Trac Chair

The Trac Chair donation was  to Wounded Warrior Jesus De La Cruz by the QIA and the local VFW on April 4, 2015. What a fabulous day for all the QIA Members!

QIA Howard & Sandy Andreasen with Jesus De La Cruz at VFW presentationQIA Howard & Sandy Andreasen with Jesus De La Cruz at VFW Presentation

Howard Andreasen and John Hendrix got talking one day about what a great invention there is for a Wounded Warrior to be able to go outside his boundaries with a "Trac Wheelchair"!

Next thing you know, between the 2 of them, they had raised almost $2,000 to help fund a Trac Chair for a Wounded Warrior.

Further discussion with the QIA Board of Directors and Bingo Chairperson, Patti Smith and they were well on their way to providing one of these incredible inventions for a Veteran!

The local Quartzsite VFW stepped in for the final balance on the Chair and they had a great presentation ceremony at the Grand Opening of the VFW on April 4, 2015.

Jesus De La Cruz, PV2 U.S. Army (RET), 101st Airborne, "Air Assault" Screaming Eagles was wounded by an IED in Iraq on March 12, 2008.

Two day's later he arrived at San Diego Naval Medical Center for treatment. Fast track to March 10, 2015 he is still is being treated for the loss of his Left Leg at Naval Medical Center San Diego.

On April 4, 2015 - Jesus was given his own personal Trac Chair by the QIA and VFW of Quartzsite, AZ

Trac Chair Parts List


This Trac Chair has many parts that were brought together by a wonderful group of Volunteers to make it work.
This gift of the Super Trac Chair assembled parts will be a permanent dedicated list for the recipient to enjoy.

John Hendrix with JesusDonation Parts List Author John Hendrix with Jesus De La Cruz Trac Chair Presentation

Motor – The motor of the Trac Chair is the Members of the QIA with their generous heart.
Battery – The Battery of the Trac Chair, donated by the QIA Bingo, represents a team of volunteers that never quit.
Steering – The Steering controls by Bill and Martha McKay – a winning team.
The Tracks – The Tracks of the Trac Chair provide the means to go where no chair has gone before – Thanks to Jerry Livingston & Lola Cleary
Nuts & Bolts – The nuts and bolts of the Trac Chair that hold it all together could only be done by Howard and Sandy Andreasen.
Wire & Lights – John Hendrix and Kathy Gamble are the wiring and lights to show the way to new places.
Frame & Welding – The Frame & Welding by the QIA Dancers – a Strong Group
Design Paint – The design paint by Jackie Allar with a loving touch.
Hunting & Fishing Accessories – The Hunting & Fishing Accessories, by Bob & Dorothy Malette and Jim & Helen Kester, the new future of life.
Seat – The VFW is the seat at the center of it all, putting the recipient on the trail to many new adventures.

By John Hendrix  

QIA Bing Chairperson Patti SmithQIA Bing Chairperson Patti Smith
John Hendrix reading the Trac Chair Parts ListJohn Hendrix reading the Trac Chair "Parts List"
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