QIA Board

The QIA Board & Members elected Sandy Andreasen their first Woman President - also during their 50th Anniversary Year

Sandy Andreasen getting sworn in to QIA Presidency by Arlea Long

March 3, 2015 will go down in QIA History! Sandy Andreasen was sworn in as the first all volunteer member Board President.

Arlea Long, a 30+ year Lifetime member of the QIA was asked to administer the oath of office to Sandy and all Board Members.

Shown listening to Arlea discuss their duties and responsibilities to the members and Board are from the left - Charlene Darlene, Secretary; Pat Smith, Treasurer; Richard Trusty, Vice President; Sandy Andreasen, President; Alva Richardson, Board Member and Robert Malette, Board Member.

Arlea did a great job and was responsible to administer the oath of office to all Board Members!

Alva & Bob being sworn in by Arlea to the QIA Board
Arlea swearing in Charlene as Secretary
Arlea swearing in Pat as the QIA Treasurer
New President Sandy holding her first Meeting of the QIA Members
Howard & Sandy at the 50th Anniversary Banner of the QIA

Howard Andreasen passing the Presidency from himself to new 2015 President - Sandy Andreasen

As Sandy took over her first meeting, she realized the tremendous responsibility to keep the traditions of the members going and on a strong path for the next 50 years! She has a great Board to help guide and steer the membership along.

Congratulations to Sandy and all the 50th Anniversary Members of the QIA

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