Next Year's Show Dates

2025 POWWOW Show

Jan 15 thru Jan 19, 2025

This is an annual event that is put on by the Quartzsite Improvement Association. They started this show back in 1967. With an estimated attendance of 1000 and about 100 vendors that year for a three day event.  

Today we have well over 600 spaces and nearly 250 vendors that come from all over the world to attend and sell just about everything imaginable made with rocks, gems, and minerals.  This event last 5 days long and will have an attendance of nearly 5,000 everyday.  

We offer Free Admission and Free Parking with 2 Shuttle Buses running all day to help get people from their cars to the Vendors. We will also be providing 2 ATM's on-site - both located in the cafeteria area.

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Show address: 235 East Ironwood, Quartzsite AZ 85346

Phone Number : (928) 927-6325

Email Address: Powwow@qiaarizona.org

Please BOOK for the 2023 Show through our direct email!


We have this special email account just for POWWOW Business

or call 928-927-6325 and ask for Pow Wow Show Promoters

This annual Show has 200+ vendors coming from all over the world. We have over 575 vendor display areas inside & outside the building in our huge parking lot area.

All the merchandise displayed by vendors must be 85% gem, mineral or jewelry related. All our visitors over the years love that we insist on a 75% ratio because they know coming to this show it is all about rocks, minerals and gems!

We offer Free Admission and Free Parking with 2 Shuttle Buses running all day to help get people from their cars to the Vendors. We will also be providing 2 ATM's on-site - in the cafeteria area.

Another great service we provide is 3 home style meals are available so you don't have to waste any "Shopping Time" leaving the show area. If you really need a quick lunch, we even have special Sandwich "To Go Windows" for that quick meal - especially for the Vendors!

Take a look at our Pictures

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