A Mural painting project on our QIA building wall was so much fun - kinda like being allowed to do graffiti! Sandy and friends had some great time painting the northwest wall of the QIA Building.

Course, like all projects, it required lots of prep work first. The walls had to be prepped, primed to be sure the old colors didn't come through and then create really straight lines to show the 3 different background colors. Fortunately, they all hung in there and created a beautiful mural of the neighboring hills and mountains. Special thanks to Howard, Sandy, Leonard, Madeline and Ken for all the prep and background work.

Kudos to our resident artist - Mark Goldberg - for creating this wonderful mural for our QIA Building. Mark and Lynda moved to Quartzsite several years ago and have donated lots of personal time and talent to our QIA functions. This mural is the latest gift from Mark!

QIA Building Mountains - Drawn by Mark Goldberg

Only problem now is some "4 wheelers" will probably want to climb the mountains!!

Hopefully, this beautiful mural will inspire other works of art on our building walls. This may be just the beginning - thanks to all our volunteers for their time, dedication, patience and "painting".

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