Blackwood Brothers

Blackwood Brothers on QIA Stage

The Blackwood Brothers came to the QIA on Sunday Feb 23. They are a very talented quartet of Gospel Singers. As usual we had a great crowd come to the QIA to hear this very popular group.

They have been singing and performing as their name group for over 60 years. Billy Blackwood is a second generation Blackwood. Their voices are just an incredible mix of wonderful sounds.

Wayne has the ability to carry a note pretty much anywhere on the scale, while Butch has a really, really deep bass voice. Billy Blackwood sings baritone and writes some of their songs. Michael is their lead singer from Canada and sings tenor.

Even though they perform as a "group", each is featured in a solo song so you can hear their individual voices. Their range of songs and sounds sure makes for an enjoyable concert!

It's always nice when a group has the courage to allow that! Some will only feature the lead voice and some really beautiful voices are never really heard!

Thanks Blackwood Brothers for a fabulous concert!

Sandy introducing the Blackwood Brothers at the QIA
Michael of the Blackwood Brothers
Harmony at its best!
Wayne singing lead Tenor
Michael singing Tenor
Great crowd for the Blackwood Brothers Concert
Blackwood Brothers - Perfect Harmony
Butch leading with that DEEP BASS
Blackwood Brothers with more Harmony
Blackwwod Brothers display of CD's

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