Computer Class

The Primary Computer Class is geared to help the personal user receive basic instruction on the Internet, Protection and Maintenance of their computer. It is conducted by Bernie Martin, the QIA Webmaster. This is held most weeks when there is no conflicts with the schedule.

This course costs $30 for all 3 sessions. The amount of information shared requires attendance at all 3 sessions.

What you probably want to do to your computer!

After class - it's all smooth surfing!

The Computer Class is a 3 day course, 1 hour each day.

The first session is designed to help you understand how to use your computer, keep it well maintained and set it up to keep malicious software and malware out of your computer. Then we discuss how to set up your documents file so it is easily organized so you can find that file or picture.

We discuss how to create a "Great" Password that can be easily remembered.

The second session is more about how the Internet works. As in any great tool, it can work for you or against you! We teach you how to be sure it is working for you and keeping you safe while searching online. We show you how to download files into your computer safely, organize your emails and set up emails and their files. Just as important is how to send an email with a picture you have from your camera or download a picture you've received into your computer.

The third session is how to be sure your are shopping online securely. How to tell what type of encryption code the online store is using! Very important with all the hacking going on today! We will discuss online storage and what it is and can mean to you.

We will also discuss how to correctly search for something without wasting too much time.

Business Website Tips & Tricks

The Secondary Computer Class is all about Websites. You can have the prettiest website in the world - but won't mean a thing - if no one can find it.To watch some video snippets - or listen to Audio, Click to his Business Seminar page.

We discuss how the Internet actually works, some everyday comparisons of what it is and then how to get maximum exposure on it - without spending a fortune!! We will even discuss how to utilize the Free websites that list businesses.

This course is FREE and held usually the 2nd Monday evening of the month.

Be sure to verify Class Schedules and Times on our Calendar Page.